Very few genes on the y chromosome major

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Unformatted text preview: t with vitamin D, which normally cures rickets. Example of an X-Linked (Sex-linked) Dominant Trait • Mechanism: • Results from a defective transport of phosphate, especially in cells of the kidneys. • Affected individuals excrete large amounts of phosphate in their urine, resulting in low deposition of minerals in the bone. • Males are often more severely affected than females - why? Y-linked Traits • Father to son transmission. • Not usually found in clinical situations. • Very few genes on the Y chromosome Major Characteristics of Different Types of Inheritance Aneuploidy: Introduction Trisomy 21 results in Down Syndrome • 1866: John Langdon Down, a physician at Earlwood Asylum in Surrey, England, noticed a resemblance among many of his intellectually disabled patients. • Common characteristics: broad flat faces, thick tongues, small noses, oval shaped eyes • The disorder he described is now called Down Syndrome. Introduction: Trisomy 21 results in Down Syndrome...
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