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Unformatted text preview: musculus - house mouse – Arabidopsis thaliana - the thale cress plant • Also Neurospora crassa - bread mold, and Zea mays - corn Example: Zebrafish and human skin color Zebrafish • small vertebrates • many progeny • easy to raise in labs • golden mutants were discovered in a pet store in Oregon in the 1970’s. • have lighter cells, but in the same pattern and number. Example: Zebrafish and human skin color • Genetic characterization showed that the golden phenotype was caused by a recessive mutation. • Microscopy: fewer, smaller, and less-dense pigment-containing structures (melanosomes) in the cells of golden fish. • These were the same characteristics observed in light-skinned humans. The power of model organisms • Keith Cheng and colleagues isolated and sequenced the gene responsible for the golden phenotype • Encodes a protein required for calcium uptake by melanosomes • Searched the human database for similar genes and identified SLC24A5 The power of model organisms...
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