Also true x linked traits can never be passed from

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Unformatted text preview: ait for his son to get the trait. Also true. X-linked traits can never be passed from father to son, while the father MUST be a carrier for his son to inherit an autosomal recessive trait. Question 3 The pedigree of an autosomal recessive trait differs from the pedigree of an X-linked recessive trait for all of the following reasons except: c. Pedigrees of X-linked recessive traits will have equal frequencies of affected males and females, whereas pedigrees of autosomal recessive traits will show mostly affected males. NOT true. X-linked recessive traits show mostly affected males, while autosomal traits (whether dominant or recessive) affect both sexes equally. (This also eliminates “d”, as all of the above are not correct....) Question 5 • The following is a pedigree for Myotonic Dystrophy Type 1 (MD-1), which is an autosomal dominant disease leading to muscle degeneration. Given the data in the pedigree, what is the estimated penetrance of MD-1? Question 5 • Remember, you can only use INFORMATIVE meioses - you have to know w...
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