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Prior to 1960 there were no p elements in any strain

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Unformatted text preview: rate of mutation was too high. • EVOVED MECHANISM TO AVOUD THIS P elements were introduced into the Drosophila genome in the past 50 years. • Prior to 1960, there were no P elements in any strain. Now all wild strains have them. • Lab strains do not. WHY? P elements are very useful in research P ELEMENTS SHOWED UP RANDOMLY AND WAS PASSED ON RAPIDLY OVER THE WORLD • Because P elements are not present in most laboratory stocks, they are useful for many things: • ADVANTAGE! Used as a mutagen to conduct genetic screens to identify new genes involved in many biological processes • WAY TO MAKE MUTATIONS SAFELY. P ELEM CANNOT HURT PEOPLE AND ARE SEPCIFIC TO ORG. Used as vectors to introduce modified or foreign DNA into the genome. THIS IS HOW TRANSGENIC ANIMALS ARE CREATED. P elements are very useful in research • Where did P elements come from? • Probably from a related Drosophila strain. • Probably hitched a ride on a parasitic mite. • What sort of gene transfer is this an example of? HORIZONTAL GENE...
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