Eukaryotic replication are similar we will talk about

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Unformatted text preview: the other OKAZAKI FRAGMENTS LEADING: CONTIN SYNTH LAG: DISCONT SYNTH Replication of DNA takes place in four stages • We’ll focus on bacterial DNA replication • System in which replication has been most thoroughly studied • Most aspects of eukaryotic replication are similar • We will talk about some important differences Replication of DNA takes place in four stages 1. Initiation • DNA is unwound at the origin and synthesis begins 2. Unwinding • DNA is unwound further so that synthesis can continue 3. Elongation • Daughter strands are synthesized 4. Termination • Replication is terminated 1. Initiation starts at the origin of replication • The minimal sequence necessary includes 245 bp with several critical sites HELICASE UNWINDS DNA maintain single strand, prevent snap back together 2. Unwinding if no gyrase coil gets too tight 3 DNA gyrase relieves torsional strain that builds up ahead of the replication fork as a result of unwinding prevent digestion of SSB's DNA g...
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