bacteriorhodopsin is a light harvesting for these

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Unformatted text preview: IGHT HARVESTING FOR THESE ORGANISMS Requires ~9% NaCl/Opt ~12-23%/grows well ~30% Carotenoid pigment-->protects cell from UV light Respires aerobically in presence of O2 Bacteriorhodopsin --> light harvesting -->ATP ONLY OCCURS IN HIGH SALT. MANY SALT PONDS HAVE BEEN RECLAIMED AND RETURNED TO WETLANDS. SALT POND HAS AN INTAKE FOR WATER, DYKES ARE CREATED AND PONDS FILL WITH WATER, SUN EVAPORATES LIQUID AND SALT BECOMES MORECONCENTRATED. THE WATER HIGH SALT LIGHTPINK=HIGH DARK=LOWER ABIOGENIC SOURCES (GAS DRILLING) METHANE IS A BY PRODUCT OF OIL DRILLING (TRAPPED IN EARTH) BIOGENIC SOURCES: 85% OF METHANE IN ATMOSPHERE IS PRODUCED BY LVING ORGANISMS (CATTLE). Methanogens: Occurs under anaerobic conditions: Abiogenic sources (mining/natural gas drilling) ~15% Biogenic : ~85% (Ruminants/wetlands/termites ~90%) MOST GROW ON CO2, USE CO2 AS TERMINAL ELECTRON ACCEPTOR AND END UP WITH METHANE AND ATP ASA BYPRODUCT/ 13:16 GROW IN ANAEROBIC ENVIRONMENTS Metabolism: Most-->CO2 + H2 --> CH4 + H2O + ATP Can grow on CO2 + H2 (reducing power*) + NH4 + minerals Chemoautotroph: Energy from oxidation of inorganic molecule (H2)/Carbon from CO2 Morphology: Cocci/rods/filaments) Gram negative and Gram positive NO GRAM NEG/POSITIVE CELL WALL Wide variety of habitats, catabolic pathways, cell types Hyperthermophiles: Most metabolize sulfur (solfataras) FOUND IN STEAM VENTS. Most are anaerobes MOST...
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