40 min fluorescence microscope block you would just

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Unformatted text preview: G LIGHT SPECTRUM. 40 MIN Fluorescence Microscope BLOCK YOU WOULD JUST SEE WHITE LIGHT BECAUSE UV LIGHT HAS BEEN BLOCKED, NOT EXCITATION OF FLUOR DYE WHITE LIGHT BLOCK WHITE LIGHT, ALLOW FLUOR LIGHT, WE SEE FLUOR BUT NOT SEE WHITE LIGHT NO BLOCK, WE SEE ALL. Can you guess? White light Fluorescence Both Neither Confocal Microscopy • inverted microscope with - a laser light source - the laser scanning head - an automatic focusing stage - connected to a monitor and PC. USE FLUOR AS WELL, BUT HAS LASER INSTEAD OF UV LIGHT SOURCE. SCANNING HEAD LIKE A TV SO IT CAPTURES CERTAIN FOCAL PLANE IN EACH PASS. CONNECTED TO COMPUTER BECAUSE EVERYTIME LASER HEAD MAKES A PASS, IT CONTRUCTS A 3D IMAGE OF THE SPECIMEN. WHAT CAN IT DO FOR YOU? PASSES THRU SINGLE CELL, COMPUTER RECONSTRUCTS 3D IMAGE, SEE CELL ATTACHMENT ECT. Confocal Microscopy • The CM filters out the out-of-focus light from the above and below point in the focus of the object by a pinhole. • Lasers are used because they produce extremely bright light at spe...
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