Peptone a partially hydrolyzed protein source of

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Unformatted text preview: lly hydrolyzed protein SOURCE OF NITROGEN Protein->proteoses->peptones->polypeptides->di/tri-peptides->free amino acids H&O H2O/O2 (air)/ organic compounds Minerals: Mg, Fe, P, S, K, Ca, Na GROWTH FACTOR COMPONENTS MG FOUND IS CYTOCHROMES, ASSOCIATED WITH NUCLEIC ACIDS AND NEUTRALIZING CHARGE; THERE ARE IRON CYTOCHROMES, PHOSPHORUS IN NUCLEIC ACIDS Micronutrients & other components: Minerals/micronutrients/trace elements: Zn, Co, Cr, Mn, Mo, Cu, Ni, Se, W (tungsten), V (vanadium) NEVER FOUND AS COMPONENT IN MEDIUM, USUALLY SUPPLIED AS CONTAMINANTS IN GLASSWARE Other components: Growth factors, buffers, and solidifying agents GROWTH FACTORS: REQD BY ORGNSM THAT ARE PICKY AND SOME NEED A LOT OF GROWTH FACTORS (FASTIDIOUS) Peptone GF: CHOLESTEROL/VITAMINS/AA/GLUTAMINE NH4H2PO3/K2HPO4 buffers: KEEP PH IN CERTAIN RANGE CaCO3 + H+ (acid)--> CO3 IN NUTRIENT AGAR: BUFFER IS PEPTONE; BUFFER NEAR CO3 + H+ (acid)--> H2CO3 (carbonic acid) NEUTRALITY DUE TO HYDROXYL GROUP> H O + CO (neutral) --2 2 EXTREME CASE BUFFER: CACO3 EX; VINEGAR PRODUCTION CACO3 CONTROLS ACID PRODUCTION, KEEPS PH AT RANGE THATWILL ALLOW ORGANISMS TO LIVE...
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