F13 6 Assim and Dissim Metabolism(1)

3 terms always there fermentation no net oxidation

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Unformatted text preview: y. (3 TERMS) ALWAYS THERE Fermentation: No net oxidation. Homo/heterofermentation. Anaerobic respiration: Inorganic molecule other than O2 (e.g. S°, SO4, NO2 , NO3, Fe+++) is the terminal electron acceptor. N/S cycles. Aerobic respiration Glycolysis TCA cycle Electron transport system Substrate level phosphorylation Oxidative phosphorylation Net oxidation of substrate Terminal electron acceptor is oxygen Aerobic respiration AEROBIC RESP: 3 IMPORTANT PROCESSES 1. GLYCOLYSIS 2. TCA CYCLE 3. ELEC. TRANS CHAIN -SUBSTRATE LEVEL PHOSPHORYLATION: SOME ATP IS PRODUCED JUST FROM BONDS AND REARRANGEMENTS OF GLUCOSE -OXIDATIVE PHOSPHORYLATION: ATP PRODUCED BY TAKING OFF ELEC. AND PUTTING THEM THRU ETC AND PRODUCE ATP IN THAT MANNER (NET OXID) IN OXIDATIVE PHOS: GLUCOSE PRODUCES ELECTRONS; PRODUCT IS CO2, TERMINAL ELECTRON ACCEPTOR IS OXYGEN IN AEROBIC RESP Glucose>Lactose>amino acid METABOLIC HIERARCHY: LACTOSE CAN BE ANY TYPE OF SUGAR (GLUCOSE/ MALTOSE, ECT) USUALLY CONVERETD TO GLUCOSE AND NRG IS OBTAINED FROM CONVERSION EX: CELL LIVING IN LACTOSE/GLUCOSE/ ASPARTATE (AACI...
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