F13 6 Assim and Dissim Metabolism(1)

Elec put thru photosystem and generate atp 2 dont

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Unformatted text preview: T THRU PHOTOSYSTEM AND GENERATE ATP 2 DONT PRODUCE OXYGEN IN PROCESS OF GETTING NRG Anoxygenic photosynthesis One photosystem REDUCING POWER ELEC COMES FROM SULFUR Reducing power from H2S, H2 gas, etc. Purple sulfur bacteria & CAPTURE LIGHT NRG & CONVT INTO ATP H20 NOT ELEC DONOR green sulfur bacteria NAMED FOR USE OF SULFUR AS POWER; PURPLE AND GREEN COMES FROM PHOTOSYNTHETIC PREFERENCE Phototrophs 3 photoheterotrophic Photoheterotrophs One photosystem NRG FROM THE SUN DONT NEED ELECTRONS/REDUCING POWER CARBON: COMES FROM ALREADY REDUCED ORGANIC COMPOUND--DONT NEED TO PULL OFF ANY ELECTRONS Reducing power not required Green nonsulfur bacteria & purple nonsulfur bacteria NRG FROM SUN, ELECTRONS FROM ALREADY REDUCED COMPOUNDS Chemotrophs CHEMICAL NRG FROM REDUCED MOLEC OF SOME SORT; GLUCOSE --> CO2 --> Chemoheterotrophs: Glucose/hexose-->ATP Aerobic respiration: C6H12O6 + O2-->CO2 + H2O (-686 kcal/mole) 38 moles ATP //ATP --->ADP + Pi -7.3 kcal/mole Enzymes: Constitutive/ inducible/metabolic hierarch...
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