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F13 6 Assim and Dissim Metabolism(1)

Identification the systematic determination of

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Unformatted text preview: cientific classification and nomenclature. Identification: The systematic determination of correct taxon of an organism whose identity is not known. Phylogeny: The ordering of species into higher taxa and the construction of evolutionary trees based on evolutionary relationships. Classification of Microbes Convenience classification Nutritional classification (C/energy) ------>Kingdoms Nutritional classifications: Characteristics Photoautotroph CO2 Photoheterotroph Organic Chemoautotroph CO2 Chemoheterotroph Organic Natural or phylogenetic classifications Carbon Source ________________________________________________________________ Energy Radiant Radiant Chemical Chemical Source Inorganic Organic ________________________________________________________________ Macrorganisms Plants Animals Microorganisms Algae Bacteria Bacteria Protozoa Cyano(few) (few) Fungi bacteria Niche Elemental Most cycles bacteria Two kingdom concept (Linneus/1700s) Plants Animals Three kingdom concept (Haekle/1866) Plants Animals Protista Four kingdom concept (Copeland ~1960s) Metazoa Metaphyta Protoctista Monera Five kingdom concept (Whittaker/1969) Anamalia Plantae Fungi Protista Procaryotae...
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