F13 6 Assim and Dissim Metabolism(1)

Incomplete oxidations acetic acid production ch3ch2oh

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Unformatted text preview: WILL DO IT. Incomplete oxidations: Acetic acid production CH3CH2OH (ethanol)--->CH3COOH (acetic acid/vinegar) CONVERT ALCOHOL TO ACID, TINY BIT OF NRG PRODUCED. (PH IS 4, THERES ENOUGH NRG AND REQ A LOT OF OXYGEN, BUT THERES ENOUGH NRG FOR ORGANISM TO SURVIVE) Bioluminescence: Glucose-->PVA-->Krebs-->FMN FMN reduced to -->FMNH2+ O2 + RCHO --(luciferase)--> H2 transferred to aldehyde-->FMN*+ H2O LOTS OF ORGS BIOLUMINESCE; IN PROCESS OF REDUCING COMPOUND, A PHOTON IS LET OFF. EX: FUNGI BIOLUM LUCIFERASE TRANSFERSE ELECTRONS TO ALDEHYDE AND NRG GIVEN OFF IS PHOTONS Vibrio fischeri quorum sensing (N-acylhomoserine lactone/AHL binds to LuxR and activates lux CDABEG genes) bioluminescence) (Bonnie Bassler: www.ted.com/talks/bonnie_bassler_on_how_bacteria_communicate.html EX ANGLER FISH: HAS GLOWING DANGLIG APPENDAGE, USE AS BAIT TO CAPTURE PREY. RELATIONSHIP IS SYMBIOTIC VIBRIO FISCHERI PRODUCE LIGHT, ATTRACT PREY. Nutrient agar: Peptone Beef extract Agar Water C&N gf solidifier solvent QUORUM SENSING: COMMUNICATION SYSTEM THAT ALLOWS ONE MO TO COMMUNICATE WITH NEIGHBORS, IF ORG LIVES IN ISOLATION, M...
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