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not tissue or vascular differentiation valuable

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Unformatted text preview: ot tissue or vascular differentiation valuable because: kelp harvesting, no rules governing harvest, however research shows that removal of top portion of kelp canopy forest destroys ecosystem of organsism that live below--->destroy fishery; also considered algae Rhodophyta red seaweed (unicellular & multicellular) Usually considered a member of kingdom Plantae Chlorophyll a & d/ accessory pigments = phicobilins produce distingusishing red color Habitat: Seaweed/Source of agar/capsules/ phycoerythrin/food/carrageen washes up on beach Algae: all phototrophic, all distinctive characteristics are morphology,motility, ect. Nucleus-->(Eukaryon = Greek: Karyon = ‘kernal’ or ‘nut’) DNA with histone proteins/Diploid/Haploid Gametes/Zygote--> new genetic combinations spirogyra or cladophera chlamadymonas more like human model of reproduction diatoms every 30 generations sexual cycl euglena ?? ulva algae and creation of new indiv: algae with a filament can create a new indic whenever it wants thru sexual cycle, it can grow asexually forever can be heterotroph or autotroph: no known sexual cycle there must be a sexual cycle because it must have someway to exchange genetic information or it would be dead and not exist right now nucleated with mitochondria; all hetertrophs...
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