Is haphazard not biologically timed like diatoms

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Unformatted text preview: ual cycle is haphazard, not biologically timed like diatoms Filamentous: Branched: Chladophora sp two types of filamentous Unbranched: Spirogyra sp spiral filament going down the center, higher descriptive along filament, you will see nuclei, starch granules. will grow in length until something fragments it or it gets too bulky Replication: it forms a cell by mating with another cell and it will break off and form a new filament. (this is formed by sexual cycle). NEW FILAMENT ONLY OCCURS THRU SEXUAL CYCLE it can reproduce in length as exact copies, but new genetic individuals only form through sexual reproduction. hallmark of cladophora: the cells are branched. often when you see long wavy algae in a pond, it is millions of cladophera lined up. each cell is an individual cell. If you cut up the long cladophera strands, it would break them up and each cell is capable of reproducing that way Colonial: Hydrodicton sp organisms living together, not in a filament they form little complexes and form a net like structure, net size varys found in freshwater creeks with slow moving water, visible with naked eye found associated with branches that they get hung...
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