F13 7 Microbial classification(1)

Then take dna primer usually 10 20 bp then cool down

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Unformatted text preview: 6S RIBOSOMAL GENE. THEN TAKE DNA PRIMER (USUALLY 10-20 BP) THEN COOL DOWN TO 72 C AND ADD DNA POLYMERASE WHICH WILL SYNTHESIZE NEW STRAND AND PUT ALL BASES IN THE CORRECT CONFIGURATION (COMPLEMENTARY STRAND)--RESULT IN TWO NEW COPIES. CONTINUE PROCESS AGAIN, GET 4 COPIES-16-32-64-128 COPIES. YOU GET A BUNCH OF NEW STRANDS, ORIGINAL STRAND DELUDES OUT UNTIL YOU HAVE THE SEQUENCE YOU WANT AND NOTHING ELSE. Signature sequences IF YOU LOOK AT A CERTAIN NUCELOTIDE AT A SPECIFIC SEQUENCE, YOU WILL FIND IT IN ALL RELATED ORGANISMS Base U A U Position 549 675 880 Percent Archea (Eu)bacteria Eukarya 98% 0 0 0 100% 0 0 2 100% ADVANTAGE OF PCR: PCR ALLOWS US TO LOOK DIRECTLY AT GENES (GENES DONT HAVE A FOSSIL RECORD THAT ALLOWS OBSERVATION); ALLOW US TO DETERMINE HOW MANY NUCLEOTIDE CHANGES HAPPEN BEFORE WE GET A ORGANISM -ALLOWS US TO LOOK AT HOW MANY GENES ALLOWS CHANGES IN ORGANISM SHOW IDENTICAL RELATIONSHIPS DUE TO GENOME (PHYLOGENETIC TREE) Identification: Determinative microbiology Phenotypic analysis pure culture ~ clone START WITH PURE CULTURE, CREATE CLONE OF TARGET ORGANISM USE SINGLE COLONY ISOLATION population of genetically identical individuals cell morphology/composition/metabolism USE OF CARBON SOURCE ORGANISMS Basic taxonomic unit Genus (genera) species (biotype/serovar) Binomial nomenclature: Genus species G. species eg. Bacillus acidophillus B. stearothermophillus NAMED AFTER WHERE THEY WERE FOUND, DISCOVERED, ECT UNDERLINE WHEN WRITING Bacillus/acid loving/heat loving ACIDO_ ACID LOVING New microbe American Type Culture Collection (type strain) International Journal of Systematic Bacteriology Bergey’s manual of Determinative Bacteriology Identification: dichotomous key...
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