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A more detailed set of instructions can be found on

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Unformatted text preview: r our course. To do this: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Log on to Click on the orange “create account” tab. Follow the online instructions to create a user profile (choose a username and password) Select CUNY, Hunter College as your school Select CUNY Hunter – Chem 102 – Fall13 – MCGREGOR as your course. Follow the online instructions to purchase an Access Code. The cost for ONE semester of access is $26.99, and the cost for TWO semesters of access is $44.99. If you plan to take both Chem 102 and Chem 104 I suggest you buy access for TWO semesters, as we will be using Sapling again in Chem 104. A more detailed set of instructions can be found on bb9 in the “Lecture Materials” tab. 1 Hunter College, CUNY Required iClicker: As part of this course we will be making use of a personal response device called an iClicker. You will use the iClicker to respond to in- class questions during each lecture. This will serve a dual purpose: 1) Your responses will provide me with real- time feedback about student understanding of course content and 2) Your responses will serve as evidence of attendance for each lecture. iClicker questions will count for a total of 50 points towards your final grade. To earn iClicker points you must respond to at least 75% of the iClicker questions for each lecture. You will be allowed 4 free passes over the course of the semester to account for when your iClicker malfunctions or when you forget it at home. iClickers can be purchased at the Hunter College Bookstore or online at: The bookstore has agreed buy back the iClicker for about half its original purchase price at the end of the year. If you already own an iClicker from a previous course it can be used again for this course. Once you have purchased your iClicker you will need to register it for our course. To do this: 1. Log on to 2. Complete the registration questions. Note: You must register using your full first and last name and your Hunter College Blackboard number. Your blackboard number will be used to link your iClicker responses to our online student roster. To find your Hunter College Blackboard (bb9) number: 1. Log on to our Chem 102 course webpage using bb9 2. Click on the “Personal Information” tab on the top left side of the screen in the “Tools” panel. 3. Click on the “Edit personal Information” tab. 4. Here you will find your username followed by a 20- digit number. This 20- digit number is your Hunter College bb9 number. Cop...
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