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Unformatted text preview: e matrix product in Mathematica instead using ComplexDiagonalization1.nb. Discuss the commands Eigenvalues, Eigenvectors, notation for parts of expressions, Transpose, MatrixForm, Inverse and the notation for matrix multiplication. Obtain and . ■ Alternatively, there is the Real Canonical Form that allows us to stay in the real number system. Suppose has eigenvalue , eigenvector and their complex conjugates. Then writing in real and imaginary parts: Taking real and imaginary parts 2 Chapter 2 part B Consider the transformation matrix . These equation can be written . The exponential of the Eq. 2.31). block on the right was computed at the end of section 2.3 (Meiss, Example. Let . Find its real canonical form and compute found the eigenvalues and eigenvectors. Setting , . The transformation matrix and its inverse are , . Find , . Using Meiss 2.31 . Compute . Find , .■ Diagonalizing an arbitrary semisimple matrix we have . We have already 3 Chapter 2 part B Suppose has real eigenvalues and pairs of complex conjugate ones. Let be the corresponding real...
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