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Unformatted text preview: n Tree-search ( x, k) n Given a node x and a key k, returns a node y in the subtree rooted at x if y.key = k if exists, Nil otherwise Tree-search ( x, k) if x = Nil or k = x.key then return x if k < x.key then return Tree-search( x.left, k ) else return Tree-search( x.right, k ) Time complexity: O(h), where h is height of tree. CSE 2331/5331 Iterative Tree Search CSE 2331/5331 Example 6 9 3 20 7 2 18 4 17 15 Binary search tree on the same set of numbers. Which tree is better? 9 CSE 2331/5331 Exercise Where should we put 8? 8 42 Where 12 ? 12 35 Where 42 ? Where 35 ? Assign the following numbers so that it becomes a binary search tree: 8, 12, 16, 17, 20, 24, 31, 35, 42 CSE 2331/5331 Inorder Tree Walk CSE 2331/5331 Inorder Tree Walk n n n Inorder tree walk / transversal Provide a way to visit all nodes in the tree Visit tree nodes in sorted order ! n During binary-search tree property. n Running time: n Preorder, postorder CSE 2331/5331 More Properties n For any subtree rooted at x n n n For any subtree rooted at x n n Minimum Maximum Inorder-tree-walk (x) produces a subsequence of Inorder-tree-walk (root) Let y be an ancestor of x n Relations between Key[y] and Key[x] CSE 2331/5331 Minimum / Maximum n Tree-minimum(x) while ( x.left ≠Nil) do x = x.left; return x; n Time: O(h) Tree-maximum(x) while ( x.ri...
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