Bones and is victim to tight control systems that

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Unformatted text preview: tight” control systems that would decrease bone mineralization – important to keep sufficient O Levels affected greatly by vitamin D intake Effect of gross motor vs. fine motor exercise programs and calcium supplementation on bone changes in leg BMC determined by DXA. There was a significant activity-by-calcium interaction for leg BMC (P = 0.06). Specker B J. Nutr. 2004;134:691S-695S ©2004 by American Society for Nutrition Protein and Micronutrients O Protein O RDA = 1.1 g/kg/day O Key role in acquiring bone mass O Formation of bone tissue O ↓ protein = less intake as well as↓ production of insulin-like growth factor O IGF-1 O Phosphorus O Zinc O RDA = 3-5 mg/day O Whole grains, vegetables O Close relationship with endocrine cycle O Vital in activating growth & bone development O Deficiency causes growth retardation O Magnesium Obesity O Bone and cartilage aren’t strong enough to bear excess weight O Growth plates become impaired and unable to function properly O Blount’s disease O Fractures are common- malnutrition leads to bone deterioration & a delayed recovery O Poor future skeletal health Physical Activity O 30-60 min/day of bone health activities O Weight bearing PA forms new bone tissue O Makes stronger bones and muscles O Increases bone density prior to puberty O Lower risk for osteoporotic fractures later on Malabsorption O Difficulty digesting or absorbing nutrients O Damaged villi O Nutrients excreted Causes of Malabsorption O Short term O Stomach or intestinal flu O Chronic O Cystic Fibrosis O Lactose intolerance O Celiac Disease O Cow’s milk protein intolerance O Soy milk protein intolerance O Whipple disease Symptoms of Malabsorption O Abdominal pain O Bloating and gas O Frequent, loose, foul-smelling stool...
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