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Exam 1 answer key comm102 - Interpersonal Communication...

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Interpersonal Communication Examination 1 Version B Arquette Summer 2006 Your Name (PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY): _________________________________________________________________ Directions: 1. PRINT your full name clearly on both this examination and the scantron answer sheet. 2. Record your answers on both this examination and the scantron answer sheet. 3. Use only a No. 2 pencil the scantron answer sheet. 4. Be sure to write the exam version number (a, b, or c) on the scantron answer sheet. 5. Select the one best answer for each of the following items. 6. All exam materials including this exam and the answer sheet MUST BE TURNED IN for you to receive any credit for taking this exam. 1. The ability to communicate in a personally effective and socially appropriate manner is called: a. Competence b. Immunity c. Role-taking d. Goal-setting 2. W ilm ot says that “People are in a relationship… w hen both persons can say, I see you seeing m e.” This statem ent supports which characteristic of interpersonal communication? a. Relationships begin with awareness b. Relationships are analyzed and evaluated c. Relations are influenced by outside forces d. Relationships can control us 3. Linda’s posture suggests she is extrem ely happy. This m essage is being conveyed t hrough which code? a. The proxemic code b. The kinesic code c. The chronemic code d. The vocalic code 4. Which is (are) NOT TRUE of verbal codes? a. They are continuous and natural b. They encourage us to create new realities c. They are well-designed to convey logical, abstract information d. All of the above are NOT TRUE of verbal codes 5. A double bind is: a. A situation in which someone is faced with paradoxical injunctions and given no way to resolve the paradox b. A deep commitment relational partners make to one another c. A kind of conflict in which two people gang up unfairly against another d. The last stage in the creation of an intimate relationship 6. Accord to your text: a. There is only one correct definition of communication b. Definitions are relatively unimportant and have very little effect on the way we view the world c. Every definition is partially right and partially wrong each lets us see a phenomenon in a slightly different way d. a and c are correct
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7. Which of the following is (are) true about hum ans’ need for interpersonal relationships? a. Without interpersonal relationships our physiological health can suffer b. Interpersonal relationships affect our psychological well-being but have little or no effect on our physiological health c. Interpersonal relationship s lead to greater self-sufficiency d. Interpersonal relationships are necessary until about age 6, but not later in adulthood 8. Which of the following is true of nonverbal behavior of middle-class urban dwellers in the 19 th century? a.
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Exam 1 answer key comm102 - Interpersonal Communication...

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