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Machinery publishing sectors with rail these

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Unformatted text preview: lothing, printing, machinery, publishing sectors - with rail these industries grew - in 1860 cotton textiles and lumber milling are highest in terms of value added, in 1880 and 1920 move to number 3 & 4 - little change till from 1900 and 1920: growth of - shipbuilding - electrical machinery - automobile production - Btw 1860 and 1880 value added in most larger industries doubled, btw 1880 and 1900 it quadrupled - fundamental nature of American business changed - tech advances - such as James Bonsack’s cigarette rolling machine, reduction milling, fractional distillation, and disassembly system for processing animal carcasses revolutionized the production process - spread of electrical lighting removed physical barriers of plant layout - sharply falling transport costs - new products in market profound change in scale of plants, productivity, organizatio...
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