NORTH AMERICA Part I - Sept 3rd

Economicandpolitical beconomicandpolitical issues

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Unformatted text preview: Political Issues ►Changing Transport Networks and the North American Economy Decentralizing of production Aided by post­WWII construction of Interstate Highway System ►45,000 miles Hub­and­spoke model of air transportation ►Selection of some major airports as major nodes of network ►700 million passengers annually B. Economic and Political B. Economic and Political Issues ►New Service and Technology Economy Broad and varied service sector dominates the economy Decline in Manufacturing Employment ►Relocation of many low skilled jobs overseas ►Automation reduces the demand for labor B. Economic and Political B. Economic and Political Issues ► Growth of the Service Sector 2000: 75% of North America’s GDP and 70­ 80% of jobs Two primary categories ►Advanced training and high paying: lawyers, advertising, etc. ►Low­skilled jobs with very low wages: Wal­Mart and Manpower, Inc. (two largest employers in USA) B. Economic and Political B. Economic and Political Issues ► Knowledge Economy: management of information Finance, publishing, media, higher education, research ► Special focus on Information Technology industry 5% of world’s pop., 22% of world’s Internet users 2006: 68% of North Americans use the Internet ► 16% of the world’s population use the...
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