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15 and to carry the silver and gold which the king and

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Unformatted text preview: se what about those who are not following halachot? = second stage Now that the BH is completed, but Who will be part of the building the nation and community Ezra Nechemiah BSD Etana Staiman Yael Leibowitz Parek 7: Ezra is flanked on both sides- Artaxerxes and with Ahron HaCohen Why is the lineage of the cohen given all the way back to Ahron? Evokes images and feelings of the original team of Moshe and Ahron. In previous generation, Cohanim and Leviim were the original teachers and shomrei Halacha, now there is a shift to the power of this being held in the hands of the sofer. Now there is a shift from the oral to the written. Job of the scribe- Melachim Bet 22 Hilkiah cohen gadol finds a Torah and Shafan brings it back to the king Chizkiyahu who says Hashem will punish us, and then they bring it to Chuldah who tells them the message in the meaning of the torah. He is responsible for reading the torah, not interpreting and understanding the meaning of it 9 And Shaphan the scribe came to the king, and brought ,ְ‫ט ו דַּי הָבא ׁשפן הדַּספ-ר, אל- הדַּמל ׁ...
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