ezra-nechemiah 4C

17 moreover in those days the nobles

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Unformatted text preview: ֵ‫,ל‬ ‫םי אָרְדםיהם, ּבמ םיִמ,לאכ ת ּבםי ת-הםיִבָאלֱ,להםים‬ ִ‫ְכאֹ מ םי‬ ֵ‫,ל‬ ֶ‫אָרְ -םֶ -ם‬ ֶ‫,לֵ -ם‬ Ezra Nechemiah BSD Etana Staiman Yael Leibowitz Israel. {P} {‫אֱ,להםי יׂשר םיִבָא,ל. }פ‬ ֵ‫אָרְ ,ל‬ ֵ‫ְכאֹ ,ל‬ Everyone is included in this community Could still be referring to Shaavei Hagolah- they separated themselves from the locals and returned to the community, or locals who said no we do want to be part of the community! They were sincere Nechemiah 1:3 3:5We must build a wall! Indicative of more than just the physical wall!! People refused in sealing off the wall- why? They don’t want to keep others out and be insular! IF they are against an insular society, obviously they are against building a wall! 6;14- it seems like there were neviim at thi...
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