ezra-nechemiah 4C

Speaking to the remnants of judah he sees a fig

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Unformatted text preview: says no! Speaking to the remnants of Judah He sees a fig basket, filled with big ripe figs, and the people remaining in Judah think they are those figs. But really, the people who went out first are the beautiful figs, and Hashem will return them and replant them! And you are actually the rejected ones and will be cast out. The people still in Israel in 595 think they are chosen! This nevuah reconstitutes the idea of inclusion/exclusion the people who were kicked out and now returned to Israel are the chosen ones and the ones who stayed should be rejected! So why are people trying to undermine Nechemiah? They came back in 520, and Nechemiah comes around 446. They have been there for years! Now they have relationships with the people who stayed in Israel for 60/70 years!! They are totally mixed- they have to be told to divorce and kick out daughter in laws! They were having problems building the walls because there weren’t enough people- so naturally they should take in as many people...
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