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Bringing in this document is a manifestation of the

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Unformatted text preview: ַרָ:ה-ם ּבכִק:הול י:הו:ה עד‬ ַ‫ולְ ,סַ ולְ ַרָ ,ס‬ ֶ‫ְך‬ ֹ ֹ .‫.עוול-ם‬ ָ‫ַר‬ Even if they buy into the land for ten generations, not considered Jews. Stipulates/ implies that everyone else is? ָ‫ח י ולְצו י:הו:ה אכִּתולְך, א ת-:ה ,סַּבולְר ַרָכ:ה, ּב ,סַארֶבֲ,סמיך, ובולְכול מׁשולח י ַרָדך; ובעֵר ,סַכ ולְך--ּבאר;ץ, ארֶבֲׁשר-י:הו:ה אלֱול:היך ַר‬ ֶ‫ֹ ְך‬ ָ‫ְךֶ ולְ ַר‬ ֶ‫ַרָ ַרָ ְך‬ ָ‫ְךֶ ַר‬ ַ‫כִ ולְ ,ס‬ ֹ ָ‫ַרָ ְךֶ ַר‬ ָ‫ַר‬ ֶ‫ַרָ ְך‬ ָ‫ ,סַ ולְ ַר‬ .ְ‫נ ת,ן ול ַרָך ול‬ ֵ‫ֹ ע‬ 8 The LORD will command the blessing with thee in thy barns, and in all that thou puttest thy hand unto; and He will bless thee in the land which the LORD thy God giveth thee. ‫ט י ולְקימך ַרָ י:הו:ה ולו ול ולְע-ם קדוׁש, ּכ ,סַארֶבֲׁשר נ כִׁשּב.ע-ול ַרָך ולְ: ּכי תכִׁשמר, א ת-מצ ולְו‬ ִ‫כ‬ ֶ‫ְך‬ ֹ ְ‫ול‬ ִ‫כ‬ ַ‫ולְ ,ס‬ ֶ‫ְך‬ ָ‫ַר‬ ַ‫ ,ס‬ ָ‫כִ ולְ ולְ ַר‬ .‫ֹ ת י:הו:ה אלֱול:היך, ו ולְ:הַרָול ,סַכ ולְּת, ּבכִדר ַרָכיו‬ ָ‫ולְ ַר‬ ָ‫ַר‬ ָ‫ֹ ְךֶ ַר‬ ָ‫ולְ ַר‬ 9 The LORD will establish thee for a holy people unto Himself, as He hath sworn unto thee; if thou shalt keep the commandments of the LORD thy God, and walk in His ways. .ָ‫י ו ולְראו ּכול-עּמי :האר;ץ, ּכי ׁש-ם י:הו:ה נ כִקרא עוליך; ו ולְי ַרָראו, מּמּך ַר‬ ֶ‫כִ ְך‬ ְ‫ול‬ ָ‫ַרָ ְךֶ ַר‬ ָ‫ולְ ַר‬ ָ‫כִ עֵ ולְ ַר‬ ֶ‫ ,סַ עֵ ַרָ ְך‬ ָ‫ַר‬ ָ‫ַר‬ 10 And all the peoples of the earth shall see that the name of the LORD is called upon thee; and they shall be afraid of thee. What is conversion in biblical times? A non-Jew who lives among the Jewish nation. Not obligated in mitzvot aseh, but cannot do lo taaseh Melachim 1 9:20 20 All the people that were left of the Amorites, the Hittites, the Perizzites, the Hivites, and the Jebusites, who were not of the children of Israel; ‫כ ּכול-:הַרָע-ם :הּנו תר מ,ן-:הַרָאלֱמר כִי‬ ֹ ִ‫כ‬ ָ‫ ,סַ ַר‬ ָ‫ַר‬ ָ‫ַר‬ ‫:ה ,סַחּתי :ה ,סַּפ ולְר כִּזי, :ה ,סַחוי ו ולְ:ה ,סַיבו,סי, ארֶבֲׁשר‬ ֶ‫ְך‬ ִ‫ולְ כ‬ ִ‫כִ כ‬ ִ‫כ‬ ִ‫כִ כ‬ .‫ולא-מּבולְני יׂשר ַרָאול, :העֵּמ:ה‬ ָ‫ַר‬ ֵ‫כִ עֵ ולְ ע‬ ֹ 21 even their children that were left after them in the land, ‫כא ּבולְני:ה-ם, ארֶבֲׁשר נ תרו אחרי:הְךֶ-ם‬ ֵ‫רֶבֲ ע‬ ְ‫ְךֶ ֹ ול‬ ֶ‫עֵ ְך‬ whom the children of Israel were not able utterly to destroy, ,‫ּבאר;ץ, ארֶבֲׁשר ולא-י ַרָכולו ּבולְני יׂשר ַרָאול‬ ֵ‫עֵ ולְ ע‬ ְ‫ול‬ ֹ ֶ‫ְך‬ ֶ‫ַרָ ְך‬ of them did Solomon raise a levy of b...
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