ezra-nechemiah 3

Chaggai is trying to get them to rebuild the bh and

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Unformatted text preview: בנו ת‬ Yirmiyahu 41: 4 And it came to pass the second day after he had slain Gedaliah, and no man knew it, ‫ד ו ,סַי ולְ:הי ּבּיו-ם :ה ,סַׁשנ כִי, ול ולְ:הַרָמי ת‬ ִ‫כ‬ ֵ‫ׁ ע‬ ַ‫כִ ,ס‬ .‫אְךֶ ת-ּג ולְדול ולְי:הו; ו ולְאיׁש, ולא י ַרָד.ע‬ ָ‫ַר‬ ֹ ִ‫כ‬ ָ‫ ,סַ ַר‬ ִ‫כִ ׁ כ‬ ֶ‫כִ ׁ ולְ ְך‬ ִ‫כ‬ ֹ 5 that there came certain men from Shechem, from Shiloh, and ‫ה ו ,סַּי ַרָבאו ארֶבֲנ ַרָׁשי-ם מׁשכ-ם מׁשולו‬ from Samaria, even fourscore men, having their beards shaven ‫ומׁשמרו,ן, ׁשמני-ם איׁש, מג ּלֻּל ולְחי‬ ֵ‫ע‬ ְ‫ול‬ ִ‫כ‬ ִ‫ולְ ֹ כ‬ ְ‫כִ ֹׁ ול‬ and their clothes rent, and having cut themselves, with meal;‫ז ַרָק,ן וקר ּלֻעי בולְג ַרָדי-ם, ומ תולְּגדדי-ם‬ ִ‫כִ ֹ ולְ כ‬ ִ‫כ‬ ֵ‫ולְ ע‬ ָ‫ַר‬ offerings and frankincense in their hand to bring them to the ‫ומנ ולְח:ה וולבונ:ה ּבולְי ַרָד-ם, ול ולְ:הַרָביא‬ ִ‫כ‬ ָ‫ַר‬ ָ‫ולְ ַר‬ ָ‫כִ ַר‬ house of the LORD .‫ּבי ת י:הו ַרָ:ה‬ ְ‫ול‬ ֵ‫ע‬ after the chorban, people in mourning are making a pilgrimage to the location of the Bet Hamikdash- but this was still during the time of unrest. Was this something they did often, or just once? Regardless there was sacrifice after the chorban. Chagai 2:13 they go to the kohanim and ask if there is tuma and tahara in the absence of the bet Hamikdash. Chaggai is trying to get them to rebuild the BH and so he says of course there is tuma and tahara! The only thing to rectify the situation is to rebuild the BH!! But according to here and Ezra 3, they did bring korbanot without the BH. Ezra 6:3 If there was no sacrifice until right now, they would have so much gratitude towards the leaders. But there is very little reference to the leaders! The leaders were sort of re-validating a practice they had always done. Subtle rescinding of the reverence to the leader, they are no longer the main characters, the population is. 10/7/2013 9:07 AM Article Beyond the River- Israel is always at the center of political debates because of its prime location in the center of the middle east What are the roles of SheshBatzar and Zeruabavel? “Nasi LeYehudah”- the entire province was called Judea, the liason between the Empire and the Jewish King. 5:14 14 And the gold and silver vessels also of the house of God, ,‫יד וא ף מאנ ,סַּיא די-בי ת-אלֱול ַרָ:הא‬ ָ‫ַר‬ ֵ‫ַרָ כִ ע‬ ָ‫ַר‬ ְ‫ול‬ which Nebuchadnezzar took out of the temple that was in ‫ּדי ד:הרֶבֲב:ה ו ולְכ ,סַ,סּפא, ּדי נבוכ ,סַדנ ְךֶּצ ,סַר‬ ְ‫ול‬ ְ‫כִ ול‬ ָ‫ולְ ַר‬ ָ‫כִ ,סַ ַר‬ Jerusalem, and brought them into the temple of Babylon, ,‫:ה ,סַנ ולְּפק מ,ן-:היכ ולְולא ּדי בירוׁשול-ם‬ ֶ‫ולְ ְך‬ ִ‫כִ עֵ...
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