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Had relively good living conditions but they were in

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Unformatted text preview: Had relively good living conditions. But they were in diaspora BY CHOICE! Jews in Bavel were there by force. Elephantine was a temple in Egypt- Jewish temple run by Jews, we have recorded correspondence between the priests and he priests of this temple- more than one temple during bayit sheini! Galut EN is a response to all the questions that came up after Galut- story made up of all of the elements which transpired before the return of EN Daniel- isolated account of one man and his relationship with the King Yishayahu- some general things about the galut but not Why so little material on the Galut? There were people who had time to write- Yechezkel did write down nevuot. So why was there no historians recording history at the same time? Where do we look to see the years leading up to the galut? Melachim- the exile that history had been pointing to for centuries, result of Hashem punishing the people, this was inevitable since the split of the kingdom- as soon as you have a cultural center outside of the Beit Hamikdash Melachim 1 11:28....
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