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ezra-nechemiah 2b

9 then nebuzaradan the captain of the guard

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Unformatted text preview: es for your sons, and give your daughters to husbands, ‫וקוחו ל יִבבְנ יכ ,ם נ ואָׁש י ,ם ו בְא,ת-ּבנו,ת יכ ה-רֶ ,ם‬ ֵ‫בְ י‬ ֶ‫ה-ר‬ ִ‫י‬ ֶ‫ יֵ ה-ר‬ ְ‫ב‬ that they may bear sons and daughters; and multiply ye ; ‫ּתנו ל רַאשֲנ ואָׁש י ,ם, ו בְ,ת יֵל רַדנה ּבואָנ י ,ם ובנו,ת‬ ָ‫וא‬ ִ‫י‬ ָ‫בְ וא‬ ִ‫י‬ ְ‫ב‬ there, and be not diminished. .‫ו רבו-ׁש ,ם, וַאל-ּתיִמעטו‬ ָ‫בְ וא‬ ְ‫ב‬ ָ‫וא‬ ְ‫ב‬ Yirmiyahu says settle down because we will be here a while. Jewish History did not END at the end of melachim! Yirmiyahu 39:7-14 7 Moreover he put out Zedekiah's eyes, and bound him in fetters, to carry him to Babylon. ; ‫ז ו בְא,ת-ע ינ י צ יִדקּיהו, עו ר‬ ֵ‫יִ י‬ ָ‫בְ יִ וא‬ ֵ‫ יֵ י‬ ֶ‫ה-ר‬ ,‫ו רַּיַאס רהו, ּב רַנ בְוחׁשּ...
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