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course hero plagues notes

course hero plagues notes - E coli produces lots of...

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Tania Berks Science: Plagues, section .29 Prostate cancer is not an infectious disease. There is a lot of asthma in the Bronx due to cockroaches. Cholera is a bacterium found worldwide. There is no vaccine for dengue fever. Trypanosomes cause odd things like sleeping, sickness. A country stopped vaccinating people against polio and there was an outbreak. Bacteria, both good and bad, can be found all over the body. You can be a carrier and not get sick. Normal floras are organisms normally found on your body. Antibiotics may change balances in the body. Botulism causes food poisoning. Tetanus causes your muscles to contract which in turn causes lockjaw. Bacteria produce toxins. For tetanus, you are vaccinated with a toxoid, which is an inactive toxin.
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Unformatted text preview: E. coli produces lots of different toxins and is therefore responsible for diarrhea. 0157--H7 is a particular strain of e. coli. What happens with cystic fibrosis is doctors can’t get rid of the thing that’s making you sick. The bacterium that causes typhus only grows in live cells. The organism is called Rickettsia, after the guy who discovered it. It spread during trench warfare. It couldn’t happen now because we have antibiotics. The vector that causes Typhus is lice. Due to the immigrants being is such close proximity to each other during the Ellis Island experience lice spread quickly and native New Yorkers came to believe that immigrants were dirty....
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course hero plagues notes - E coli produces lots of...

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