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hebrew answers 2 - Dalia. Okay. How is your welfare? Dan:...

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Answers for Encounters in Modern Hebrew Level Two by Edna Amir Coffin Page 45, English translation: Dan: My name is Dan. What’s your name? Orli: My name is Orli. Dan: Nice to meet you. And what’s your last name? Orli: Inbar. Dan: You are a new student. True? Orli: Yes, true. I am a student in year one. And you? Are you a new student? Dan: No. I’m not a new student. I’m a student in year two. Orli: Where are you from? Dan: I’m from Tel Aviv. And where are you from? Orli: I’m from Haifa. (Dalia comes.) Dan: Dalia, how’s your welfare?
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Unformatted text preview: Dalia. Okay. How is your welfare? Dan: Good. Dalia, this is Orli. Orli: Pleased to meet you. Dan: Orli is a new student. Orli: And you? Are you a new student? Dalia: No. I’m a student in year four. Orli:Are you from Tel Aviv? Dalia: No. I’m from Elat. (Gil comes.) Gil: Is this lesson good? Dalia: Yes. This lesson is interesting. Gil: Is Dr Elon a good teacher? Dalia: He is not only a good teacher. He is very good! Orli: He’s an excellent teacher!...
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