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answers 3 - Ori Also I study in this course Orli Are you a...

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Answers for Encounters in Modern Hebrew Level 1 by Edna Amir Coffin Page 55, English translation: Gil: Orli, what are you studying this semester? Orli: I am studying history, literature and physics. Gil: Physics? Really? Do you want to be a physicist? Orli: Perhaps. What do you want to study? Gil: History, theater and music. Orli: Theater and music? Gil: Yes. I want to be an actor or a musician. Orli: Actor? This is not a good profession. (Ori enters.) Ori: Orli, what do you do in this course? Orli: What do I do here? I study in this class. And you?
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Unformatted text preview: Ori: Also I study in this course. Orli: Are you a history student? Ori: No. I want to be a lawyer. Orli: That’s an interesting profession! (Teacher enters.) Teacher: Hello. My name is Dr. Carmi. This is a biology course. Students: Biology? Professor Carmi, this is a history course! Dr. Carmi: Excuse me! (Dr. Carmi leaves.) Orli: This is an absent-minded professor. (Dr. Katz enters.) Dr. Katz: Hello. My name is Dr. Katz . I’m a history professor and this course is the history of the near east....
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