Importance scarcity nonsubstitutability influence

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Unformatted text preview: ative sources of supply What Creates Dependency? Importance Scarcity Nonsubstitutability Influence Tactics • rational persuasion - using facts and data to make a logical and rational presentation of ideas • inspirational appeals - appealing to values, ideals, and goals when making a request • consultation - getting others involved to support one’s objectives • ingratiation - using flattery, creating goodwill, and being friendly prior to making a request • personal appeals - appealing to loyalty and friendship when asking for something • exchange - offering favors or benefits in exchange for support • coalitions - getting the support of other people to provide backing when making a request • pressure - using demands, threats, and reminders to get someone to do something • legitimacy - claiming the authority or right to make a request, or showing that it supports organizational goals or policies • most effective - rational persuasion, inspirational appeal, and consultation • frequently backfire - pressure • using more than one type of tactic at the same time • organizational level (rational persuasion) • downward-influencing (inspirational appeals) • downward influence (pressure) • political skill - the ability to influence others in such a way as to enhance one’s objectives • political skilled are more effective in their use of influence tactics Empowerment: Giving Power to Employees Definition of Empowerment • refers to the freedom and...
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