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And procedures necessary for carrying out a

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Unformatted text preview: the ability of employees to make decisions and commitments Degrees of Empowerment • job content - the tasks and procedures necessary for carrying out a particular job • job context - the reason for doing the job; it reflects the organizational mission, objectives, and setting • no discretion - highly routine and repetitive • participatory empowerment - situation of autonomous work groups that are given some decision-making authority over both job content and job context • self-management - employees who have total decision-making power for both job content and job context • for employees to be empowered, there are four conditions to be met • clear definition of the vales and mission of the company • relevant skills • employees need to be supported in their decision making, and not criticized when they try to do something extraordinary • need to be recognized for their efforts Effects of Empowerment • some managers do not want to empower their employees because empowerment takes away their own bases of power • some employees do not want to be empowered • empowerment does not work well in every workplace The Abuse of Power: Harassment in the Workplace Workplace bullying Sexual Harassment • unwelcome behavior of sexual nature in the workplace that negatively affects the work environment or leads to adverse job-related consequences for the employee • make sure policies are in place • employees will not encounter retaliation • investigate...
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