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On june 20 the a ru gav e no tic e that beginning

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Unformatted text preview: he A RU gav e no tic e that beginning June 26 its membership wo uld no lo nger wo rk trains that inc luded P ullman c ars. T he bo y c o tt, altho ugh c entered in Chic ago , c rippled railro ad traf f ic natio nwide, until the f ederal go v ernment interv ened in early July , f irst with a c o mprehensiv e injunc tio n essentially f o rbidding all bo y c o tt ac tiv ity and then by dispatc hing regular so ldiers to Chic ago and elsewhere. T he so ldiers jo ined with lo c al autho rities in getting the trains running again, tho ugh no t witho ut c o nsiderable v andalism and v io lenc e. A RU president Eugene V ic to r Debs was U . S. T RO O P S O N L A KE FRO N T , 1 8 9 4 arrested and subsequently impriso ned f o r disregarding the injunc tio n. T he bo y c o tt and the unio n were bro k en by mid-July , partly bec ause o f the A RU's inability to sec ure bro ader suppo rt f ro m labo r leaders. While the use...
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