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Unformatted text preview: NOTAT IONS FOR EXAM 1 CHAPTER 1 NOTAT IONS Cave paintings, Fig. 346...when a date is preceded by c., it means "circa, or approximately. A mandala, as seen in Fig. 2, is often used as a focal point for meditation. Titles of works of art are normally I talicized; the acceptable substitute when using a typewriter that can't do italics, is to underline it. A self-portrait, as in Fig. 9, is a picture (or sculpture) of an artist, BY that artist. An Annunciation, similar to the arrangement of figures in Fig. 11 in the textbook, is a traditional image of the angel Gabriel greeting the Virgin Mary, to ask her if she will give birth to the Christ Child. In Rocket to the Moon, (Fig. 12) the stop sign should have two red lights, not one red and one black. Applied art is always useful as well as decorative. CHAPTER 2 NOTAT IONS Leonardo - Call him Leonardo, NOT "Da Vinci." The wounded soldier (Fig. 21) is suffering from "shell shock" as well as from physical injuries. Today we'd call it "post-traumatic stress disorder." Artists strongly influenced or inspired by the art of children are Paul Klee (pronounced "clay"), Joan Miro, and Wassily Kandinsky. The artists Joan Miro and Rene Magritte are both men. Untrained artists are sometimes called "Naive," and their work is sometimes referred to as "outsider art." Folk art is the art of people who have had no formal, academic training but whose works are a part of an established tradition of style and craftsmanship. The examples we've seen are Shaker furniture and Amish quilts, the Shakers and the Amish being religious groups. A friendship quilt is a quilt made up of individual squares, each made by a different person. I t is often made as a gift on the occasion of a wedding, birth, or moving out of the community. The most famous and largest example of a friendship quilt is the Names Project, or the AIDS quilt, with squares made in remembrance of those who have died of the disease. Trompe l'oeil is a French phrase meaning "fool the eye." Trompe l'oeil painting usually depicts still-life objects (although occasionally artists will t ry it with human figures) painted in a highly realistic style, and painted the same size as the real-life object. They are t rying to paint something so realistically, that you won't know if you are looking at the objects themselves or at a picture....
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