UnitedHealth Group Semester Project phase 1

Hemsley 13887455 chief executive officer president

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Unformatted text preview: current healthcare industry. UnitedHealthgroup is connected to over 800,000 providers, offering the potential to create an efficient and effective preferred provider network that will allow plan members to be confident in the selection of providers with regards to quality and cost containment. Threats - - Changing Government reimbursement structures Increasing competition from managed care organizations o As the Affordable Care Act looks to change reimbursement strategies from Fee- For- Service to Capitated payments, UnitedHealthGroup will need to be cautious of the overutilization of services and referrals. They will need to be able to provide flexible care that mirrors emerging HMO’s in order to remain relevant in the insurance market. Competitors - - - Current competitors include managed health care companies, insurance companies, HMOs, TPAs and business services outsourcing companies. UnitedHealthcare competitors include: o Aetna Inc. o Cigna Corporation o Health Net o Humana o Kaiser Permanente o Wellpoint OptumRx competitors include: o CVS Caremark Corporation o Express Scripts o Catamaran Corporation UnitedHealth Group - Directors and Board Members Key Executives Name Compensation Title Stephen J. Hemsley 13,887,455 Chief Executive Officer, President and Executive Director Richard T. Burke 601,000 Sr. Founder and Non- Executive Chairman David S. Wichmann 8,500,853 Chief Financial Officer, President of Group Operations and Executive Vice President Jeff Alter - Chief Executive of UnitedHealthcare Employer & Individual Business 8,49...
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