UnitedHealth Group Semester Project phase 1

Opportunities introduction of specific health

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Unformatted text preview: ations and a customer focused approach a. UnitedHealthcare is advancing strategies to improve the way health care is delivered and financed offering consumers simpler, more affordable health care experience with a market position built on: A national scale, strong local market relationships, the breadth of product offerings, which are responsive to many distinct market segments, service and advanced technology. Weakness Constantly changing regulations in PBM Industry Dependent on Government reimbursement and funding a. Pharmaceutical Benefits Management Industry is a new and evolving industry that is regulated by several stakeholders and is constantly changing with respect to products offered, how reimbursement is structured, and is always under scrutiny by private companies invested in the long- term outcomes related to pharmaceutical care. Opportunities Introduction of specific health plans for specific issues a. UnitedHealthgroup has begun offering specific health plans for varying conditions; maximizing capacity of services rendered while attempting to be cost leaders in health plan negotiations. Move to Evidence based decision making b. In 2013 UnitedHealthgroup announced to the public that they’ll be emerging as market leaders in the utilization of “Big Data” to streamline customer care, financial planning, and increasing the effectiveness of clinical interventions. IBM’s Watson offers the competitive advantage to any healthcare organization attempting to standardize the interconnected components of billing and clinical services offered, to ultimately reduce unnecessary care and improve the efficiency of insurance dollars per patient. Providers transitioning to interconnected networks c. The transition to managed care is evident in the...
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