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UnitedHealth Group Semester Project phase 1

Revenues are derived from premiums on risk based

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Unformatted text preview: and infrastructure has enable them to become the largest publicly traded corporation in Minnesota with: 2013 Annual Revenue: $122,489 Billion Number of employees: 156,000 Market Cap: $72.73 Billion on 2/14/14 UnitedHealth Group - Business Segments Through UnitedHealthcare and Optum in 2013, they managed over $160 billion in aggregate health care spending on behalf of the constituents and consumers they served. Revenues are derived from premiums on risk- based products; feeds from management, administrative technology and consulting services; sales of a wide variety of products and services related to the broad health and well- being industry. The two business platforms have four reportable segments: Segment Revenue Description UnitedHealthcare Employer & individual- health benefit plans and services for large national employers, public sector employers, small business, military Medicare & Retirement – health services to individuals age 50 and older United $113.83 healthcare Billion Community & State – diversified solutions to states programs that care for the economically disadvantaged UnitedHealthcare International – comprehensive health benefits, care management and care delivery for multinational employers Serves the physical, emotional $9.86 OptumHealth and financial needs of more than Billion 62 million unique individuals. Provides technology, operational $3.17 and consulting services to OptumInsight Billion participants in the health care industry. Provides a range of pharmacy $24.01 benefit management services to OptumRx Billion nearly 28 million people nationwide. UnitedHealth Group - Environment & Strategy Strengths Market leader in healthcare plans segment Presence in international markets. Diversified and innovative products Strong oper...
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