Exam 1 Notes

Exam 1 Notes - CHAPTER 1 Dance wand in honor of Eshu figure...

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CHAPTER 1 Dance wand in honor of Eshu - figure 8 - about 20 in high - dedicated to a god worshipped by a number of gods in Africa - Eshu is a popular trickster, messenger; Tyi Wara Figures - figure 469 - dancers wearing headdresses - paying homage to the antelope for teaching man how to farm? Canoe prow figure - designed to protect the riders in a canoe - south pacific – vast area of water to be crossed Buddhist Wheel of Time, New York, 1997 - figure 2 - religious work of art - designed to be an aide to meditation - mendala - constructed in 2 weeks Tree of Jess window - figure 3 - Chartres Cathedral in France Madonna and Child on a Circular Throne - figure 380 - Note: titles of works of art are normally italicized - anonymous: with a name that is not known or not made public, most art prior to 1425 was not signed by the artist - Byzantine School, 13 th century – a Byzantine style of art is a style of art made in the middle ages (c. 525 to 1450) in the Eastern part of the old Roman Empire (from the eastern part of Italy to Turkey & Russia); school refers to a unified style of art, practiced by a large number of individuals who do not necessarily know each other Stonehenge - similar to image 6 - Wiltshire, England - c. 2000 BC Roden Crater - figure 7 - James Turrell - 1988 to present - Place for people to go sit and watch the sky - near Flagstaff, AZ
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Rembrandt, Self Portrait at Age 58 - figure 9 - a self portrait is a likeness of an artist BY that artist - portrait is NOT generic for picture - he’s looking out at the public, almost sitting like a king, his “staff” is a painter’s tool Dwelling - figure - Yong Soon Min, 1994 - Composition IV - figure 1 - Kandinsky 1911 Prevalence of Ritual: Tidings - figure 11 - Bearden, 1967 - collage - tidings would suggest greetings, he’s actually copying a very old & familiar motif, a religious image - a direct reference to the Annunciation
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Exam 1 Notes - CHAPTER 1 Dance wand in honor of Eshu figure...

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