Exp 16 Molar Mass from Freezing Point UPDATED

12 repeat steps 2 11 for the second trial post

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Unformatted text preview: container. 12. Repeat Steps #2 – 11 for the second trial. POST-LABORATORY QUESTIONS 1. Define molality. (2 points) 2. Why is it necessary to express the concentration of sulfur in units of molality instead of molarity? (2 points) 3. How will your results be affected if some of the sulfur sticks to the walls of the test tube? Be specific. (3 points) 4. How will your results be affected if the sulfur does not dissolve completely? Be specific. (3 points) Exp 16 – Molar Mass from Freezing Pt Depression REPORT SHEET Dept. of Chemistry NAME DATE DATA Trial #1 Trial #2 Mass of Naphthalene ± 0.005 g ± 0.005 g Mass of Sulfur ± 0.005 g ± 0.005 g Trial #1 Time (sec) 20 Naphthalene Temp (°C) Naphthalene-Sulfur Temp (°C) Trial #2 Time (sec) 20 Naphthalene Naphthalene-Sulfur Temp (°C) Temp (°C) RESULTS Plot your data (T...
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