Exp 16 Molar Mass from Freezing Point UPDATED

From the menu bar click on the insert tab select

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Unformatted text preview: aphthalene-Sulfur). From the menu bar click on the Insert tab, select “Charts”, and then click on the Scatter plot. The graph will now be pasted on the screen. 7. Repeat Step #6 for Trial #2. II. Changing the location of the graph. 8. From the menu bar, click on Design. Click on the Move Chart tab and select New Sheet. III. Inserting a Chart Title and labeling the X- and Y-axes. 9. From the menu bar, click on Layout. In the section, Labels, click on Chart Title and select the Above Chart option. In the Chart title box, type ‘Trial # and Solution Name.’ For ex, 'Trial #1 Naphthalene.' 10. In the Labels section, now click on Axis Titles, scroll down to Primary Horizontal Axis Title (this will be the X-axis), and select Title Below Axis. In the axis title box, type Time (sec). 11. In the Labels section, click on Axis Titles again, scroll down to Primary Vertical Axis Title (this will be the Y-axi...
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