Exp 16 Molar Mass from Freezing Point UPDATED

Note for optimum measurements stir the solution

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Unformatted text preview: 0 seconds. NOTE! For optimum measurements, stir the solution constantly with the thermometer for a few seconds before recording the temperature. CAUTION! Occasional stirring will cause the temperature to fluctuate resulting in poor data. 6. Continue recording the temperature every 20 seconds until you have reached the freezing point of the solution. This is indicated by six (6) constant temperature measurements. 7. Reheat the water bath and perform Steps 8 – 11 for the naphthalene-sulfur solution. B) Freezing Point of Naphthalene-Sulfur 8. In a tared 50 mL beaker, weigh out approximately 1 gram of sulfur. 9. Once the naphthalene has completely melted (~90-95ºC), shut off the flame and add all of the sulfur to the test tube using the powder funnel. Use a microspatula to quickly stir the mixture until the sulfur has dissolved completely and you have a clear uniform yellow...
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