Exp 16 Molar Mass from Freezing Point UPDATED

The following instructions were written for the

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Unformatted text preview: mole Note! The following instructions were written for the Windows version of Excel. There may be slight variations for Mac users! I. Plotting the graph. 1. Open Microsoft Excel. 2. In Column A (X-axis), enter your data for Time (in seconds) starting with 20 seconds up to your last recorded time. 3. In Column B (Y-axis), enter your Temperature values for Naphthalene (Trial #1). 4. In Column C (also Y-axis), enter your Temperature values for Naphthalene-Sulfur (Trial #1). 5. Highlight your data in Columns A (Time) and B (Naphthalene-Trial #1). From the menu bar click on the Insert tab, select “Charts”, and then click on the Scatter plot. The graph will now be pasted on the screen. 6. For the naphthalene-sulfur plot, hold the control key (CTRL – PC) or command key (Mac), and highlight Column A (Time) and Column C (N...
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