Exp 16 Molar Mass from Freezing Point_TEMPLATE UPDATED

Time on excel and follow the instructions given to

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Unformatted text preview: s. Time) on Excel and follow the instructions given to obtain the freezing points of the naphthalene and the naphthalene-sulfur solutions. Record the freezing point values in the appropriate spaces below. Trial #1 Trial #2 Freezing point of Naphthalene °C Freezing point of Naphthalene-Sulfur °C Freezing point lowering, ∆ Tf ± 0.5 °C Average Freezing point lowering, ∆Tf ± 0.5 °C Molality of Sulfur in the Naphthalene m Moles of Sulfur moles Molar Mass of Sulfur g/mole Average Molar Mass of Sulfur g/mole Molecular Formula of Sulfur EFFECTS OF ERROR Assume that the uncertainties in the masses of sulfur and naphthalene are each ±...
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