5 375 10585 vehicles assume a headtohead distance for

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Unformatted text preview: tch of Scenario B Diagram: Scenario B calculations: Maximum delay time occurs for the vehicle leaving the queue at the 27th minute, this is the: (27 ­12)* 25 = 375th vehicle The 375th vehicle arrives at the queue: 375 = 66.7*5 + 50*(t ­5)  t = 5.83 min The time spent in the queue for the 375th vehicle is the maximum delay time  tmax = 27 – 5.83 = 21.17 minutes Maximum queue length occurs at the 27th minute Total vehicles that have arrived up to this time are: 66.7*5 + 50 * 22 = 1,433.5 veh Tot vehicles serviced (left the queue at this point) are: 375 vehicles The difference is the max queue length in vehicles = 1433.5 – 375 = 1,058.5 vehicles Assume a h...
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