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Unformatted text preview: s (reduced flow rate)  l2=1500*2/60 = 50 veh/min Service rates: 0 ­12 min  m1 = 0 veh/min 12 – 27 min (single lane at 1500 vphpl)  m2 = 1500/60 = 25 veh/min 27 mins and on  m3 = 2400*2/60 = 80 veh/min Sketch the queue diagram for both: Note: values on diagram are calculated after the sketches. Sketch of Scenario A Diagram: Scenario A calculations: Maximum delay time occurs for the vehicle leaving the queue at the 35th minute, this is the: (35 ­15)* 25 = 500 th vehicle The 500th vehicle arrives at the queue: 500/66.7 = 7.5th minute...
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