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Michael H. Festa 603-459-262 Music 15 Concert Report: UCLA Percussion Ensemble In all honesty, considering that the objective of this assignment is to speak our opinions, I thought I would start by saying how extremely disappointed I was with the thought of this task; the task of preparing a figurative dissection of a musical performance. First, the summer concert season proved to contain a plethora of captivating bands, leaving the winter concert scene scarce of any performers of worthy talents. The more someone enjoys the topic that they are studying, the more they will find and understand, and the lack of good bands made it quite difficult to look forward to this. This alone is enough to view this assignment as a chore, but the pivotal gripe with this project is the act of “finding the meanings” behind the music that was performed for my critique. When examining music, as well as any other art, it is important not to look too hard. Music is a charm that allows you to slip away into a dream world; a place where everything is perfect in your mind. If one tries to over analyze the input signals that he is receiving, he can completely miss the central message of the transfer. With these two thoughts in mind, I introduce to you to the story of the greatest two hours of my life. It’s Monday morning, sun shines in the window, wakes you up, gets you out of bed a little early. You sit down, turn on your computer, wait for it to start up, log onto MyUCLA only to find that you have a concert report due tomorrow. Only problem, you have not yet gone to a concert. Frustrating situation isn’t it. What’s one to do now? Well, the only option that is still available… free UCLA performances. So you check online at UCLA happenings, and find out that the UCLA Percussion Ensemble is playing tonight.
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You say to yourself; “Drums? Well, I guess it could be interesting. Why not give it a shot”. That previous paragraph precisely described my Monday morning. We left the dorms around 7:45, and by the time we got to the music hall, the first performance had started, so we had to wait for its completion. However, being outside of the concert proved to be an interesting event. As the doors and walls tend to reflect most
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Concert Report - Michael H. Festa 603-459-262 Music 15...

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