its their location in the primary structure that

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Unformatted text preview: ne proteins Vista animaKons ER targeKng sequences are primarily short (14- 18 aa) hydrophobic domains N- terminal “Start” sequence (cleaved) C N “Start” transfer sequence C N “Start” sequence “Stop” sequence N C The primary difference between these signal sequences is not their primary structure... ...Its their LOCATION in the primary structure that differenKates them Signal Sequences for co- translaKonal inserKon of membrane proteins (all have a stretch of hydrophobic a.a.)   stops transfer of protein across membrane   is a membrane crossing domain TargeKng of soluble proteins into the ER lumen Fig. 15- 15: A soluble protein crosses the ER membrane into the lumen - has only the N- terminal Signal Sequence Figure 15- 15 Essen&al...
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