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15 16 figure 15 16 essenal cell biology garland

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Unformatted text preview: Cell Biology (© Garland Science 2010)   Protein translocaKon channel binds the N- terminal Signal Sequence and acKvely transfers the polypepKde across the bilayer.   The N- terminal Signal Sequence is cleaved from the growing protein by a Signal PepKdase.   The translocated protein is released as a soluble protein into the ER lumen. N- terminal Signal Sequence and an internal Stop- Transfer Sequence are involved in integraKon of one- pass transmembrane protein - its N- terminus in the ER lumen N- terminal Fig. 15- 16 Figure 15- 16 Essen&al Cell Biology (© Garland Science 2010) A Pair of start transfer (internal sequence, not N- terminal) and stop transfer sequences generate double- pass through the membrane (both N- and C- terminus in the cytosol...
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